Name: X-N3X
Race: Droid
Sex: Male
Reward: 12,000 Credits (Primary Chasis and CPU) / 6,000 Credits (CPU Only) / 3,000 Credits (Chasis Only). 10,000 Credits (Sufficiently intact for Griba the Hutt to torture)
Client: MagnaGuard Manufacturing / Griba the Hutt

Biography: X-N3X is an emancipated droid with advanced assassin and infiltration programming. Though his primary chasis is a high-end combat model manufactured by MagnaGuard Manufacturing, X-N3X is able to transfer his programming using a uniquely portable central processor of his own design. X-N3X's modus operandi is to procure a droid body identical to that of a droid close to his target, then eliminate and replace that droid.

X-N3X prefers to kill by poison, which allows him to escape before the poison kicks in. Most recently, X-N3X assassinated the pod racer Ti'Ilandra Calhuu on Ando Prime. According to rumors, Griba the Hutt had bet heavily on Calhuu winning the illegal pod race and was forced to relinquish her stake in the Aran Gas Mines. Prior to this, X-N3X assassinated the Duchess of Drall [a puppet government], causing significant unrest that led to millions of credits in lost productivity in the orbiting Corellian shipyards.

MagnaGuard Manufacturing, seeking to mitigate the Empire's wrath, requires the return of X-N3X. Return of his primary chasis and CPU will receive the full reward, but MagnaGuard Manufacturing will also reward the return of the CPU or chasis separately.

Griba the Hutt offers an alternative bounty for the individual who brings her a sufficiently functional X-N3X to be tortured.