Name: Denon Vane
Race: Unknown
Sex: Male
Reward: 16,000 Credits
Client: The Duchy of Chudu

Biography: The Duchy of Chudu occupies an idyllic planet in an unassuming corner of the galaxy. It's a heavily agrarian world, drawing its income from exporting foodstuffs. The work of harvesting these foodstuffs falls on an undercaste, whose lives are rather hard. The Duchy has survived in this mold for centuries.

Unfortunately, the natural order has been upset of late by the arrival of an alien calling himself Denon Vane. Moving about from place to place, Denon Vane preaches to the undercaste of a world free from the Duchy's rule. In a short time, he has sown considerable unrest.

Fearing an actual uprising, the Duchy of Chudu requires Vane's removal. However, they are wise enough to know that his assassination would simply martyr him. Instead, the populace must be turned against Vane. The actual mechanism of this change is not important to the Ducy, nor is Vane's ultimate fate once he is discredited.