Name: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Sex: Female
Reward: 8,000 credits for the alien / 5,000 credits for information about its origins
Client: The Hutt Syndicate on Sleyheron

Biography: Something is murdering Hutt enforcers. Over the past two weeks, no fewer than thirty employees of various Hutts across Sleyheron have suffered grizzly deaths. There has been exactly one survivor.

That survivor described a terrifying, azure-skinned woman with a single tendril drifting from her head and murderous claws. The survivor described this woman singing as she murdered his companions and gutted him, a calm, unintelligible, almost sing-song melody. The experience traumatized him deeply.

This is the second strange alien to engage on a murder spree on Sleyheron in less than a year, a coincidence that seems very unlikely to the Hutts. Not only do they wish this creature eliminated, but they will pay a hefty bonus to find how it reached them.