Name: Blorge Trughan
Race: Unknown
Sex: Male
Reward: 4,000-25,000 Credits, depending on ignominy and spectacle of defeat.
Client: Various Hutts

Biography: Blorge Trughan is a vicious killer with thirty-two gladiatorial kills to his name, plus an unknown number of street kills before he was captured and pressed into the arena on Sleyheron. No one is clear as to what kind of alien Trughan is, nor exactly where he came from. He appeared on the streets of Sleyheron eight months ago and was involved in a number of altercations with personnel of various Hutt factions.

Inevitably, Trughan was captured and forced into the arena, where he was expected to meet a grisly end that would bring satisfaction to the various aggrieved parties. Thirty-two matches later, Trughan has defied expectations and left the Hutts that he wronged deeply unhappy. Worse, Trughan's paltry cut of the winner's purses has almost paid off his slave debt. Clearly, it's time to bring in the professionals.

Any individual or group who wishes may enter the arena against Trughan. The purse for defeating Trughan is 4,000 credits. However, should individuals arranged a thoroughly pleasing, spectacular demise for the scourge of the arena, they will receive a princely reward.