Name: Pintsize Procurements
Race: Jawa, Twi'lek, Ithorian, Human, and Unknown Fuzzy Biped
Sex: Various
Reward: 40,000 Credits, or 6,000 credits for partial fulfillment
Client: Duke Corde Arel

Biography: The bounty hunting group known as Pintsize Procurements was recently engaged to rescue the daughter of Duke Cordel Arel from the pirate Grego Korray. Accompanied by the gentleman Lake Errington III, they visited the Metallic Sea of Onos.

However, rather than complete their mission, the group instead ambushed Errington and allowed Grego Korray to leave with the Duke's daughter. Though they originally assured the Duke that his daughter would return soon, she has not been seen since. This has caused tremendous personal embarrassment for the Duke. He has placed 40,000 credit bounty on Pintsize Procurements, dead or alive. He will also pay 6,000 each for individual members, if a bounty hunter cannot retrieve the entire group.