Name: Makon Picus
Race: Human/Cyborg
Sex: Male
Reward: 18,000 Credits
Client: Anonymous

Assignment: Makon Picus is a former imperial covert agent, badly wounded when making his escape from a Rebel base. Due to his outstanding value, his commanding officer ordered the Imperial doctors to replace his damaged flesh with cybernetic components, leaving Makon Picus with more machine parts than human. Unfortunately, the experience irrevocably twisted his mind.

Picus fled Imperial service not long after his injury and now terrorizes galactic shipping lanes. Current intelligence suggests that Picus is responsible for more than forty deaths. He should be considered extremely dangerous

This bounty is for the successful capture of a fully-intact Makon Picus. No reward will be given if Picus is killed, and the reward will be diminished if Picus is damaged. Parties interested in retrieving this bounty should visit the Gaghus Cantina on Sluis Van and ask to speak to Mayen.