Name: Barosa Pavond
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Reward: 13,000 Credits, Alive
Client: Jido Arkim, nobleman

Biography: Barosa Pavond is a medical genius and freelance doctor, specializing in treating extremely high-ended clients. In addition to traditional methods, she specializes in cutting edge technologies, including cybernetic augmentation.

Barosa has saved the lives of countless nobles and her services are in high demand, with waiting lists that can as long as several months. Unfortunately, Jido Arkin doesn't have months. His daughter, Tika is afflicted by an aggressive parasite that she acquired during a safari on the planet of Cardan.

Jido Arkim requires to retrieval of Barosa Pavond from her current assignment and delivery to his private space station above the planet of Jaemea. Pavond's current location is unknown.