Name: Millea Icheds
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Reward: 20,000 Credits
Client: Millea Icheds

Biography: It has not been a good year for Millea Icheds.

A freelance military advisor, she was recently caught in a dustup on the planet of Aral, whose populace decided to turn her tactical advice against the Empire. Having narrowly escaped the Empire's punishment there, she accepted a contract advising the Luminous Moon Trading company on shipping security.

Though the Luminous Moon trading company was pleased with her performance, they soon learned of her association with the Aral Rebels in the worst way possible: blackmail. Threatened with exposure, they decided to eliminate her by framing her for transporting priceless relics from the Crystalline City of T'Ghanaii, a crime punishable by death.

This is how Millea has found herself locked in a cell at the center of the T'Ghanaii prison complex, awaiting a gruesome execution. Obviously, this is a fate she would rather not suffer, so she requires, again, an extraction.