Name: Millea Icheds
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Reward: 21,000 Credits
Client: Millea Icheds

Biography: Millea Icheds is a mercenary in a bit of trouble. Her most recent engagement was on the planet of Aral, advising the independent Sullustan colony on that planet on effective defenses against corsairs. Unfortunately, the Sullustans on that planet decided to employ these techniques not against raiders, but against the Empire. And they did so while Millea was still on the planet.

The Empire has set up a blockade around Aral, seemingly content to exact a lengthy revenge. That is a fate that Millea Icheds would rather avoid, and she thus requires an extraction. Any individual or group of individuals who wish to rescue her will be required to evade both the Imperial cordon and the Sullustan's defenses (though those are rapidly deteriorating), but will be handsomely rewarded.