Name: Orem Dystra AKA "The Butcher of T'Bothu," AKA "The Kura Colony Grinder"
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Reward: 12,000 credits
Client: The Rebel Alliance

Biography: With over two hundred major engagements to his name, Orem Dystra has had a storied military career. He is equally feared by his soldiers and his enemies, especially given his propensity for suicide attacks. Before his retirement, he was the Imperial commander responsible for the most deaths in battle.

Dystra retired ten years ago, after a particularly deadly engagement over Pesmai drew the ire of the still-then-relevant Imperial Senate. Having suffered defeat not at the hands of his enemies, but his so-called allies, Dystra withdrew from society in a rage. He has spent the last decade in self-imposed exile in his private vessel, the Molten Destruction, with no contact with the greater galaxy.

Now, however, times have changed. With the disbanding of the Imperial Senate and the increasing pitch of battle with the rebellion, word has reached the Rebel Alliance that the Empire is seeking to reactivate Admiral Dystra. As he withdraws from seclusion, this presents an opportunity for the Rebel Alliance to both strike a blow against the Empire and gain valuable intelligence. Unfortunately, their resources are stretched thin, so this job will need to be undertaken by an outside group.