Name: Kenth Dene
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Reward: 10,000 Credits, Alive (Imperial); 14,000 Credits, Alive (Rebel)
Client: Rebel Alliance

Biography: Kenth Dene is an expert mechanic who has spent the last decade in the top echelon of the Empire's Star Destroyer engineering crew. He has been instrumental in several improvements in the ships' design, most recently a reconfiguration of their armor plating.

Kenth disappeared on a recent recreational trip to the moon of Rori to observe the Narmle Memorial Rally swoop races. Given that his Imperial bodyguard were both incapacitated, it seems likely that he was kidnapped.

Kenth's technical expertise is an important piece of the ongoing galactic civil war, making his recovery a priority for the Empire. Likewise, the Rebel Alliance will pay a hefty bounty for access to his skills.