Name: Haro Corrand
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Reward: 15,000 Credits, Alive. 5,000 credit bonus per additional squad mates.
Client: Black Sun Syndicate

Biography: Haro Corrand is an elite Imperial storm trooper, specializing in combating organized crime. He has been the leader on operations that have cost the Black Sun Syndicate in excess of one million credits, including the recent destruction of a stockpile of Nkllonian lava extract.

The Black Sun Syndicate has tired of his meddling and requires his capture. They offer a bonus for each additional member of his squad that can be captured.

Corrand operates as part of a three-man team, with a wide array of skills. Their modus operandi is to identify targets by extracting information from prisoners they take during their operations. A sullustan named Ten Hur, was taken prisoner during the Nkllon operation and is currently being held on the Imperial penal colony on Garin IV. If extracted, he could likely reveal Corrand's next target.