Name: Jado Bite
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Reward: 16,000 credits, dead or alive.
Client: Kula Maga

Biography: Jado Bite is a lieutenant of Thakba Besadii Diori. He is also a man of expensive tastes and has accumulated many debts to various parties across Sleyheron. The Hutt Kula Maga has recently acquired these debts.

Kula Maga's initial attempts to reclaim Bite's debts have failed, resulting in injury to several of Kula Maga's employees. Jado Bite has now fled Sleyheron, which is an unacceptable turn of events for Kula Maga, who must now make a public example of Jado Bite.

The particular methord of Bite's demise isn't important to Kula Maga. Individuals collecting the bounty may either kill him themselves or return a live Bite to Kula Maga for execution.