Name: Myra Arel
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Reward: 11,000 credits for her safe return
Client: Duke Corde Arel

Biography: Myra Arel, the youngest daughter of Duke Corde Arel of the planet Kala, uses her family's incredible wealth to travel the galaxy, seeking out thrills wherever she may find them.

Unfortunately, her most recent trip, to the Metallic Sea of Onos ended in her capture by the somewhat-notorious local space pirate Grego Korray. Though the Duke normally requires his daughter to extricate herself from the dangers in which she finds herself, the family has an important wedding in a few weeks. He will thus pay 11,000 credits for her prompt return. The Duke wishes Grego Korray no particular ill will (assuming that Myra is still alive and well), but will be perfectly understanding should he and his ilk find themselves at the wrong end of a blaster.

In the unlikely event that Myra has been harmed or, worse, killed, Duke Arel will require the immediate and vicious execution of Korray and the entirety of his gang.