Name: 6-00N
Race: Droid
Sex: Male
Reward: 12,500 Credits
Client: The Bounty Hunters' Guild

Biography: Known as "6-Shooter" by his friends, 6-00N is an emancipated droid turned bounty hunter. For the past five years, he's kept a relatively low profile, bringing in low-value targets in his modified Simiyiar-class light freighter, the Iron Maiden. That changed three weeks ago, when 6-00N began murdering his fellow bounty hunters.

Ra'vida, a Twi'lek bounty hunter, was 6-00N's first victim. He had recently retrieved a target a target when 600-N ambushed him, disabling and boarding his vessel. Once aboad, 6-00N killed two members of Ra'vida's crew before taking his prize and departing. Not long after, 6-00N attacked the Ithorian bounty hunter Saldau, destroying his vessel. Since that time, he's killed two more bounty hunters. This blatant violation of the Code cannot be tolerated.