Name: War Zone
Reward: 13,000 Credits
Client: The Central Bank of Cyphi

Assignment: The conflict between the Empire and Rebel Alliance has reached the planet of Cyphi, a moderately populated world on the outer rim. What began as a minor peacekeeping operation by the Imperial garrison has devolved into an extended street battle, with reinforcements regularly arriving from both sides.

The battle has caused enormous property damage and dispersed the civilian populace. It has also presented an opportunity to the Central Bank of Cyphi, whose safety deposit boxes carry a substantial insurance policy. Of course, no self respecting bank would allow its safety deposit boxes to fall into the wrong hands, so the contents of these boxes have been safely removed, along with the vault. However, the boxes themselves are intact—a situation that the Bank wishes to remedy.

The Bank will provide a substantial reward to any individuals who travel to Cyphi, brave the combat, and enter the bank. Once there, the Bank requires a thoroughly staged break-in and ransacking, especially focused on the safety deposit boxes. Once done, deliver proof of the deed to the Bank's subsidiary on Ryda to receive the reward.