Name: The Skaniium Mines
Reward: 16,000 Credits
Client: The Kessi Mining Consortium

Assignment: The planet's foremost economic concern, the Kessi Mining Consortium maintains a number of mining operations across their home system. These operations are rather lucrative and have put the company in a position to become a system-wide power in the near future. In fact, the Consortium has recently embarked on its first off-planet operation on the Kessi system's most remote planetoid.

Having found a promising vein of Skaniium, the Consortium invested nearly all of its resources in full scale excavation activity with the expectation of realizing massive profits in the near future. These plans, unfortunately, were scuttled when the mining operation unearthed some sort of underground complex defended by ancient but still quite lethal combat droids.

These droids dispatched the Consortium's exploratory team and would have moved on to the main facility had the team at the base not collapsed the mine shaft. This has put the Consortium in a difficult position. If the Skaniium operation is unsuccessful, the Consortium will collapse. On the other hand, should the Consortium successfully penetrate the facility, the salvage could be a major boon. Any individual or group of individuals who can penetrate this facility and neutralize the droid threat will be handsomely rewarded.