Name: Desert Sabbatical
Reward: 13,000 Credits
Client: Hugo Dangant

Assignment: Hugo Dangant is an important man, a bestselling author with contractually-obligated appearances spanning the galaxy. In fact, between in-person appearances and holocalls, he's had only three days off in the past six weeks. It's time for that to change.

Rancor House, his publisher, has scheduled him for a signing event on the luxury desert liner Mara's Rose, which travels across the planet of Tate. It's an intense event, where he'll be expected to gladhand with the rich and famous, sign upwards of two thousand autographs, and read major sections of his novel. What Hugo needs is a sabbatical.

Luckily, he has two days of rest scheduled aboard the Rose. Hugo is looking for is an enterprising group of individuals to whisk him away during those two days, provide him a tour of Tate's sights, and return him to vessel in time for his signing event. Of course, he's kept under close guard by his publisher, so extraction will be challenging, but well-rewarded.