Name: Peacemakers
Reward: 13,000 Credits
Client: Belator Rotonis

Assignment: For generations, three crime families—the Nonatags, the Calakets, and the Rotonis—have ruled the planet of Belni, sharing control in a peace arrangement brokered at the conclusion of a particularly bloody bit of infighting. It's an arrangement that has lead to prosperity for all three and peace for the planet in general.

However, that peace was recently shattered. Though it's unclear the exact cause, the Nonatags and the Calakets have become embroiled in an increasingly-disruptive conflict. As the bodies have piled up and the property damage has mounted, the Rotonis family finds itself standing on the sidelines, unable to arrest the conflict.

For this reason, they've decided to hire professional mediators. Should an individual or group prove themselves capable of solving this feud, the Rotones will reward them with 13,000 credits, as well as a great deal of good will.