Name: Passenger Transport
Reward: 20,000 Credits
Client: The Rebel Alliance

Assignment: The Rebel Alliance recently attempted to infiltrate an Imperial transfer point off Iol. Their intention was to sabotage a number hypermatter shipments to the Imperial fleet, causing significant damage.

Unfortunately, the Rebel team was spotted by a security patrol. The rebels fled, but two were killed, a human Kuna Typho and a Duros named Cadan Vamma. Normally, these would be considered a tragic, but unavoidable consequence of the war against the Empire. However, Vamma has an implanted cybernetic device that must be recovered before the Imperials discover it.

Further complicating the situation is Chalu Anquant, a Mon Calamari sleeper agent. Anquant arranged the security laps that allowed the Rebels to infiltrate the transfer point. With their capture, however, the Imperials are searching for a possible mole. Anquant can arrange another security lapse, but must be extracted along with Vamma's body. The retrieval of Kuna Typho's body would also be smiled upon.