Name: The Grand Parade
Reward: 12,500 Credits
Client: Teckla Ener, noted art collector

Assignment: The planet of Manwa is intensely wealthy, home to prolific gem mines that have made its citizens rich. The citizens have channeled this wealth into creating staggering works of artistic genius.

These works are guarded carefully by the Manwans, who consider the creation of art to be the highest calling. To date, they have allowed very few off planet. However, the newly enthroned monarch of Manwa, Rix Thamne, has decided to sell three pieces as a show of good will towards the greater galaxy. In total, they fetched upwards of one hundred thousand credits.

The buyers of these relics are currently traveling to Manwa, where they will receive their purchase at the culmination of a grand parade. The noted art collector Teckla Ener attempted to purchase one of these works, but was outbid. Never one to surrender, he still wishes to obtain one, specifically the work purchased by Lorn Pelles, one of his chief rivals.