Name: The Greatest Game
Reward: Dependent on length stay and quality of information
Client: Thakba Besadii Diori

Assignment: There are many games of chance in the Empire. There are many games of skill, of endurance, of courage. But there is only one game worthy of being called the Greatest Game.

Devotees of the Greatest Game keep close watch on reports of Galactic phenomena, waiting to learn of a planet near the brink of destruction. When one is discovered, the gamblers quickly gather and begin. The true nature of the game itself is a closely-held secret, but rumors persist of an event part card game, part gladiatorial battle, part intense psychological torture.

Competitors stand or fall as their host world spin closer to the brink. Many flee as destruction looms closer and closer, but for those with the skill and courage to remain, entire planets can be theirs for the winning.

The last time Greatest Game was held on Alderaan, with the Empire's Death Star in orbit. Now the game has been called on the volcanic planet of Jidla. Impact with a rogue asteroid several centuries ago destabilized the planet's orbit, causing it to drift ever close to its sun. The planet will soon spin too close and begin to incinerate.

The Hutt Thakba Besadii Diori wishes to gain entrance to the game, but invitations are scarce. Should any individuals manage to gain entrance to the game on Jidla, Diori will pay dearly for the information they return, with ever-increasing rewards the further into the game they penetrate.