Name: The Art Gallery
Reward: 4,000 Credits per work, 30,000 Credits for complete set
Client: Teckla Ener, noted art collector

Assignment: Every seven standard years, The Floating City of N'Kani holds a seven-day exhibition of seven works by the late Gulonde Sculpture master Varo Kena. Gulonde Sculpture is a unique art form that combines a harmonic composition with a reactive semisolid to produce works of staggering and encompassing beauty.

These works are exceptionally rare, being the last surviving works after the majority of Varo Kena's oeuvre was destroyed during the Clone Wars. As such, each is highly protected with a unique security system and detail. Tickets to the gala are highly sought-after, with many waiting decades to enter.

Teckla Ener, an art collector from the Core world of Ator, has obtained tickets to this event. She will provide those tickets to a group of enterprising individuals if those individuals are willing and able to deliver one or more works from this collection to Ator. She will pay 4,000 credits per work, with an additional 2,000 credits for the delivery of the complete set.