Name: The Grand Duel
Reward: 11,000 Credits
Client: Her Royal Highness Sella Baise

Assignment: For more than thirty years, the planet of Uhis has been ruled by Duke Tannon Baise, first as monarch, and then as planetary governor under the Empire. It has been a peaceful and fruitful time, especially considering the unrest suffered across other parts of the galaxy.

The Duke passed away of old age recently, surivived by his children, Sella and Castars. Sella, his firstborn, has been responsible for the governance of the planet for several years, while his son Castars has seen to the family's business interests.

Normally, the succession would be a simple matter of primacy determining the heir, as in other parts of the galaxy. However, an ancient tenet of Uhisi law states that a second sibling may challenge his or her senior to a formal duel that will determine the inheritance. Much to his sister's surprise, Castars has invoked this provision.

The duel will be held in one month's time, and Sella is completely unprepared. In the hope of retaining her inheritance, she seeks to retain a trainer or trainers who can prepare her for the duel. Should she win the duel, she will reward her trainers handsomely.