Name: Burial Among the Stars
Reward: 12,000 Credits
Client: Cmdr. Race Aven

Assignment: Rego Aven was a brilliant Imperial pilot. He graduated at the top of his class and was considered by many of his superiors to be a strong candidate for leadership.

Unfortunately, he defected after the battle of Ciceri, joining the Rebel Alliance instead. He flew over forty combat missions for the Rebels, including the assault on the Death Star. Though not as high-profile as some defections, his was a stinging rebuke. It was a source of quite some relief for the Empire when his ship was destroyed in combat.

One individual not so relieved is his older brother, Commander Race Aven. For all of his younger brother's faults, and for all the career trouble caused by his defection, Race always harbored great affection for his younger brother. And now, with Rego dead, Race wishes to see his brother returned to their family burial plot.

According to reports, Rego Aven has been laid to rest in a secret location known as The Tiboe Fields. Race Aven will pay 12,000 credits to the individual or individuals who can locate this graveyard and retrieve his brother's body.