Target: Unknown

Name: Orlin Alyphe
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Sole survivor (prior to Pintsize Procurements) of the Unknown alien's attacks, Orlin Alyphe was driven quite mad by her hypnotic singing. Of marginal use during the investigation into the alien, it remains to be seen if his Hutt employer will continue to fund Orlin's psychiatric care, or if he will have the man put out of his misery.

Name: Hosk Is'Lya
Race: Bothan
Sex: Male

Captain of the freighter Rain Dancer, Hosk Is'Lya fits in nicely with the criminals on Sleyheron. He works for Martam Dorrend in some capacity, having delivered a package of unknown providence to Pintsize Procurements for relay.

Name: Lomy Stasum
Race: Devaronian
Sex: Male

A swoop ganger in the employ of Moska Junga. He was captured when his gang attempted to relieve Pintsize Procurements of the shipment they were transporting between Martam Dorrend and Jae Ning.

Name: Moska Jung
Race: Hutt
Sex: Female

Moska Junga is one of the preeminent Hutt crime lords of Sleyheron. She commands a massive army and a distributed criminal enterprise network that spans multiple systems. She's somewhat cross with Pintsize Procurements for stealing her Firespray (casualties be damned—spaceships are expensive!).

Name: Jae Ning
Race: Sullustan
Sex: Male

Jae Ning works in the employ of an unidentified Hutt. Based in a sham convenience store, it was Ning who took final possession of the package from Martam Dorrend.