Target: Makon Picus

Name: Cholo Vale
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Cholo Vale is a commander in Imperial Intelligence, based out of the Sluis Van shipyards. The cyborg deserter Makon Picus formerly worked for Vale. In a fit of guilty conscience, he hired a group of bounty hunters to retrieve Picus, rather than destroy him.

Name: Lt. Gavros Tannon
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Lt. Gavros Tannon is stationed aboard the Imperial Heavy Cruiser Thunderstrike. He was dispatched to board and search the Everything Bagel, where he found no contraband. When he boarded the ship, he was completely unconvinced by Corwin Tallas's lies about its mission. After Corwin compounded these lies with even less-impressive, the crew seemed to be doomed. Instead, Tannon let them off the hook (though with a lightened purse), informing them that Corwin was going to be owing him a favor in the future.

Name: Kai Sei'Sei
Race: Bothan
Sex: Female

Kai Sei'Sei is an uncharacteristically brave Bothan bounty hunter. She also accepted the contract on Makon Picus, but was ambushed and nearly killed when she entered the Kadia System. Owing the PCs her life, she will serve as a contact for the group, adding to Streetwise or Knowledge checks involving Bothans, assuming that she is available for contact.