Job: Oridium Mining

Name: Bargos the Hutt
Race: Hutt
Sex: Male

Bargos the Hutt is a powerful crime lord on Sleyheron. He recently won an oridium mine in a game of sabacc with Thakba Besadii Diori and dispatched the players to evaluate the mine and bring him back its first payment of 100,000 credits. Unfortunately, Bargos was unaware that the mine's books had been manipulated to make it appear more profitable than it truly was and that the mine had recently experienced a violent droid uprising.

Name: EV-8D3
Race: Droid

EV-8D3 was the supervisor droid responsible for overseeing the oridium mining operation on Gavos. He led a droid uprising that killed many of the biological workers at the facility and nearly destroyed it, and then escaped while the players were attempting to save the facility.

Name: R2-B7
Race: Droid

R2-B7 is an astromech droid who was captured when he attempted to sabotage the player's ship on Gavos. The players reprogrammed him and installed a homing device in his chasis, with the hope that he would lead them to EV-8D3. R2-B7 was last seen in a junkyard on Boonta, where it was hoped that he would fashion an escape for himself, believing to have been scrapped by his captors.

Name: Marv Moray
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Marv Moray supervises the mining colony of Gavos. After being rescued by the players, he gave them most of the money the colony had on hand to pay Bargos the Hutt.