Name: Racket
Race: Ewok
Sex: Male

Very few people will notice that Racket is an abnormally big and muscular Ewok. Before he left his village, he was the strongest and most skilled warrior his people had seen, even more powerful than many of the other nearby tribes had seen. Almost since the day he was born, Niko, his favorite elder, trained him to use his strength to protect those that need it, and he has kept that at heart for his entire life.

One day, he was guarding a group of his fellows as they gathered food, when suddenly the trees themselves spit fire at them. Several of them dropped almost instantly, still breathing, but dazed, while Racket dove for cover in the brush, firing his bow at the source to draw the attention of whatever monster they had offended. He closed on the nearest flash, seeing the face of a strange being among the leaves, like a tall Ewok without fur. It didn't see him, instead firing its odd weapon at where he had been; covered by the noise, he closed in and struck, badly wounding the creature. It leaped backwards, grabbing a long, thin device from its pocket and popping off the cap as it fired wildly and stabbing itself in the leg. One of the shots hit the Ewok, dropping him and stunning him, and he then saw the face of the creature over him, in much less pain than it should have been. It shouted something, a warning or summon for its friends, and Racket knew he had to act quickly; fighting through the shock, he lodged his axe in the creature's neck and grabbed its weapon as it fell, quickly searching the being in the few seconds before its companions arrived. Grabbing one of its extra thin devices, it popped the cap off and jabbed it into his leg. Pulling the dead thing's knife from its sheath, he slipped the blaster into his bag and held the knife and his axe ready as an incredible rush hit his brain. (That was not a stimpak; that was a high-quality combat adrenal.)

Much of what happened next was a blur. He recalled tearing open the throat of the first being that came to investigate, then leaping at the pair that was tying up his fellow villagers. Once they were dead, he ran into the forest, intent on drawing these monsters away from the village.

He never knew it, but he was successful. In subsequent ambushes, he killed another interloper and badly wounded three more before being brought down by a Twi'lek too panicked to turn his blaster off stun. The wife of one of his kills was so enraged and bitter that she elected that they take Racket with them, intent on selling him as cannon fodder in the gladiatorial arena of a Hutt. She got her wish, but, unexpectedly, he won. And won, and won. They pitted him against all manner of beasts and people, from slaves to mercenaries, pumping him with all kinds of adrenals and boosters, and he carved his way through them all. Ironically, he was still owned by the widow, and she was getting rich off of her unusual champion.

But all the time, he was watching and learning. He knew what was happening. One night, after the most spectacular fight of his short career, she came to him, drunk, railing about her dead husband, enjoying her wealth but guilt-ridden about how she acquired it. Racket solved her dilemma with a well-placed shiv, looted her body, and escaped through the door she had left open. The security cameras were down; they badly needed maintenance, but people responsible were too busy celebrating. He then went through the complex until he finally found those in command, drunk from their winnings and not expecting a fight. Finally, he found the keys to the cells, and liberated every single slave in the place. When they were all free, the wealth of the palace was distributed, and every guard, patron, and even the Hutt in charge were dead, he left, hitching a ride to the nearest spaceport and stowing away on what turned out to be the Everything Bagel.