Name: Clayvon Rabno
Race: Human
Sex: Male

The only son and presumptive heir of wealthy pharmaceutical magnate Treylon Rabno, Clayvon was raised on the planet Illodia by a kindly household droid called 3-T4X after his mother died and his sickly old father had no idea how to relate to a rambunctious young son. Unfortunately, when his father Treylon remarried, Clayvon was never close to his stepfamily, and growing up he repeatedly failed to become an effective part of the family business or even to learn to successfully pretend to be an effective part of the family business--failures which were often highly improbable in nature and left Clayvon dumbfounded as to how they could have occurred.

After flunking out of what was, effectively, a sinecure college, Clayvon took a job as a janitor and bouncer at a tavern in the city of Ilheus, but with inexplicable regularity, people tried to harm him or have him arrested, often making a shambles of his job. After dispatching a group of toughs menacing the tavern with his trusty mop, he was taken in by the law. They were set to throw the book at him, but happily, a local eccentric named Whauga Korbee, the self-proclaimed Axe Master of Illodia, who ran a monastery and distillery in the city's junkyard, paid a few fines and arranged to have the charges dropped.

Seeing potential in Clayvon, Whauga took him in and became his wise and kindly mentor, teaching him in the ways of the Axe Master for a few years. He was still the subject of numerous attacks with deadly force and frequently ended up in trouble with the law for crimes which he had not actually committed, and at length even someone as unassuming as Clayvon soon decided that something was amiss between the constant legal trouble and threats on his life. He mentioned his concerns to Whauga, and she gave him a gruff but emotional farewell before getting him blackout drunk on 113-proof junkyard vodka and packing him off on an economy freighter to a different system, where he could find work as an axe-for-hire, far from whoever on Illodia wanted him dead or incarcerated. Soon enough he met Racket and Xizzor of the Everything Bagel and was sufficiently impressed with their methods and morals to quickly develop feelings of camradarie and friendship towards them. It was therefore easy for him to decide to work for them on a permanent basis.

Clayvon is a 197 cm, 122 kg hulk of a man in excellent physical condition. He has deeply tan skin and a mop of black, curly hair, keeps himself well-groomed as a holdover from his somewhat stuffy upbringing, and when not armed for battle, wears work boots and mechanic's coveralls despite a relative lack of mechanical aptitude. He's a friendly but slightly awkward man with a strong sense of fairness and a lack of confidence in his own intelligence, who wants to help people and make them happy but doesn't have faith in himself to do much other than push a mop or swing an axe.