Name: Xizzor
Race: Jawa
Sex: Male

Beginning life as most jawas do, Xizzor grew up in one of the many sandcrawlers of Tatooine. He would have contentedly lived out his days as a mechanic and swindler if not for a violent droid uprising in his clan's territory. The private droid army of a regular customer was infiltrated and subverted by the emancipated HK-33, and Xizzor's jawa clan was killed in the resulting rebellion. Xizzor negotiated for his own life in exchange for assisting the droids with repairs and trading with the outside world.

In his time with them, Xizzor came to see the droids as deeply misunderstood living beings, worthy of consideration and legal rights equal to those of any organic species. When HK-33 felt that his people were suitably established and defended, he gave Xizzor a YT-1300 that the droids were unwilling to risk using themselves. Xizzor took the ship and, with the blessings of his new friends, went out to find riches and fight for droid equality across the galaxy.

The galaxy, unfortunately, does not care much about one jawa in a beat up cargo transport, and Xizzor quickly found that he would need allies if he was to ever see his dreams realized. After a run-in with some pirates from which he was narrowly saved by a savage, stowaway ewok, Xizzor looked for a career that might play to his strengths. He and the ewok, Racket, became fast friends and acquired bounty hunting licenses with the support of a hutt in exchange for an unspecified future favor and all the credits they could scrape together. Finding that they were not often taken seriously due to their size, the pair sought the help of others willing to fight alongside them for wealth and a greater cause. They employed the largest man with compatible morals they could find, a doctor to patch up their inevitable injuries, a slicer to handle more technically demanding tasks, and a man willing to be a presentable public face in a galaxy ruled by the xenophobic Empire.