Target: Bandin Doba

Name: Zukata Netakka
Race: Rodian
Sex: Female

Zukata Netakka was searching for her brother, Godon, who had been seeking Bandin Dobah's bounty. She also works for the Rodian bounty hunting society, making contributions to an atlas. In thanks for returning her brother, she's promised the players a copy when it's ready.

Name: Godon Netakka
Race: Rodian
Sex: Male

A young Rodian bounty hunter who attempted to capture Bandin Doba and instead ended p working to him. Was a pretty impressive fighter until he electrocuted himself. Released to the recognizance of his sister, Zukata Netakka.

Name: Finnis Finall
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Formerly Bandin Doba's first mate. With Bandin Doba's demise, Finnis has gone into business for himself.

Name: En Huj
Race: Sullustan
Sex: Male

En Huj is a gregarious smuggler who loves Ugly class starships. Any time the players sell Ugly class vesels to him, they receive +1 during negotiations.