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Video Game Writing

The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos

This project is the culmination of three years of work by my team. I was the story lead and head writer for this project, which concludes an abandoned campaign project from StarCraft/Broodwar. I was in charge of developing a story that fit with the aesthetic of the first two episodes, resolved a number of errors and inconsistencies, and provided a fitting end to such a historically significant campaign. I also needed to meet modern expectations of storytelling—introduce significantly more nuance to characters and add diversity to the cast—and create a gameplay experience that would meet the expectations of people familiar with the complexity of StarCraft 2’s scenarios. The script spans 130 pages, translated into sixteen maps (though we cut one map from the release). You can read the complete script here.

Other Game Writing

Tales of Enkyr Setting and Web Site

Tales of Enkyr is a custom setting a friend and I developed for tabletop roleplaying games. We wanted to create a setting that would feel familiar for veteran players, but had enough twists to keep those same veterans on their toes. My favorite part are the setting's gods—instead of traditional historical biographies of the gods, I wrote short stories to capture their essence and convey the complexity of their characters, leaving me and the players free to fill in details as the campaign progresses.

Site for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Campaign

I have to admit, I love tabletop RPGs. I built this web site for a game I ran using Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: Edge of the Empire system. Every week, I wrote up several options for missions for the players, and they chose which to pursue. Each one was a great exercise in short fiction, as was writing up the character summaries for the NPCs the players met along the way.

Other Links

The Antioch Chronicles: Remastered

This project is a remaster of The Antioch Chronicles, the first fully voiced campaign for StarCraft/Broodwar. It was the genesis of The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos. You can view a Let's Play of the whole campaign on YouTube .

2wāv Blog

When I've got spare time and a good idea, I write our company's blog. My best post is probably “On Feedback” , which discusses how to give critical feedback without being hurtful or destructive. I also wrote a follow-up post on receiving feedback .

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Jayborinoplays Interview

Conducted by community stalwart Jayborino, this discussion with myself and teammate 3yks covers our development philosophy and project approach.

GameDev Cafe: Get to Know a GameDev

An interview that covers the crossover between my game and software development jobs, plus some of my history before coming into either industry.

The Web Behind

An interview for the Web Behind podcast, which explores how people got into tech.

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